In the game of golf, Davis Love Jr. has done just about everything a person can do. He played at the University of Texas under his mentor, Harvey Penick. He became a respected club professional and a nationally renowned golf instructor. He also competed at golf’s highest level, including appearances in all four professional major championships.

It comes as no surprise that Davis and Mark have been immersed in golf since childhood. They learned from their father how members and guests should be treated, and they understand what a difference the “little things” can make.

When they formed Love Golf Design in 1994, Davis and Mark applied the lessons learned from their father about both the game of golf and the business of golf. After seeing the impact of course management on their personal handiwork, Davis and Mark decided to form Love Golf Management, enlisting industry veterans Greg Nesbitt and Scott Wigginton to oversee the management aspects of the company.

Today, Love Golf Management and Love Golf Design continue to work together and independently on successful courses including municipal, daily fee, resort and private.