Davis Love on Golf

As Davis and Mark’s father taught them the game of golf, he always stressed that golf should be a pleasure. “Don’t think of it as work,” Davis Jr. would say, “think of it as play.” This philosophy of deriving pleasure in the game would be translated into a new area of golf for Davis when he and his brother, Mark, started Love Golf Management in 2008. Since that first year, the team remains focused on creating a golf experience that keeps players coming back for more. This goal depends on maintaining a beautiful course and a comprehensive business plan that runs quietly, but effectively, behind-the-scenes. This is what Davis and Mark believe running a successful golf facility is really all about. “Our main goal as a golf course architect and operator is to change popular opinion about what a modern course is. In the last 20 years, it seems most golf courses were built to be dazzling or stupendous. ‘Stupendous’ should not be the goal. ‘Pleasing’ should be the goal.”